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The Complete Guide on Buying a Tennis Bracelet

The Complete Guide on Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are a unique piece of jewelry made by connecting miniature pieces of diamond or gemstones strung on a band of expensive metal chains. Bands are usually made of a strong material such as 14Kor 18K carat gold, platinum, or silver.

Interestingly, tennis bracelets were coined and rose to fame after a mishap during Chris Evert’s tennis tournament in 1987. The professional tennis player’s expensive bracelet’s clasp loosened and it fell off in the middle of the game.

The official game had to be stopped midway to look for the exuberant George Bedawi Bracelet. Although, people argue that the tennis bracelet existed long before this incident but it was this event that sensationalized the tennis bracelet – thus, the associated adjective attached to it. 

Hence, if you’ve become mesmerized by this versatile piece of jewelry then here are a few tips for buying it:

Stone Cuts for Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are often preferred with a baguette-cut, emerald, or radiant-cut diamond for an elongated string of diamonds. But the round-cut is also popular.

Colorless diamonds strung together on a platinum or white gold bracelet are mostly used to attain the classic, sleek and, modern monochromatic look.

Creative jewelers also curate tennis bracelets with a contrasting material with white diamonds like yellow or rose gold. Or they use colored stoned to elevate the look.   

Settings for Tennis Bracelets

Most tennis bracelets are designed linearly in the prong, channel, bezel, or half bezel settings. These can either be worn singly or stacked with two or more rows for a regal look.

Other design variations include Milgrain, pillow tennis bracelets, and antique pieces. 14K white gold has been a top choice for most customers irrespective of the setting.

Famous Tennis Bracelet Designs

Tennis bracelets have been loved by several women from all walks of life – working women, athletes, queens, and celebrities. Queen Elizabeth inherited a tennis diamond bracelet, and Kate Middleton also followed suit.

Penelope Cruz donned a heart-shaped tennis diamond bracelet – a unique piece for her movie’s promotion. Jennifer Lopez, the style icon, has been seen wearing tennis diamond bracelets on various occasions – she even curated her variations of the design with bangle bracelets and cuff bracelets.

Kate Winslet, the Titanic sweetheart, is always seen clad in diamonds on every occasion. She has sensationalized chunkier versions of diamond bracelets – seen in rather extraordinary styles and colors like citrus!

Choosing the Total Carat Weight of a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

To stick to your budget, you can buy a tennis bracelet by picking the total carat weight of the diamonds. This way smaller carat weight diamonds can be strung together in the bracelet for curating a stunning circular piece.

Or semi-circular tennis bracelets can be made with higher carat weight diamonds. To bring down the cost you can also use common colored diamonds or gemstones in contrast with white diamonds.

Looking for Vendors and Price Comparison

While James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brain Gavin remain the top picks for most wealthy, diamond jewelry enthusiasts, choosing a vendor who fits your budget is also important.

Local jewelry designers, experienced professionals from Dubai and India would gladly recreate the famous designs you like at half the price. Thus, before spending an arm and a leg on overpriced jewelry from top-notch designers, compare and explore your options.

Tennis Bracelets Are Durable for Everyday Wear

One of the reasons why tennis bracelets quickly rose to fame was that they were so easy to manage for daily wear. Diamond jewelry pieces have always been high-maintenance.

Especially if they are pieced together loosely or have edges that may be exposed to wear and tear. But the tennis bracelet is unique! It can be worn as a solo statement piece without making you seem undressed and it can also be donned daily with minimalistic care.

That is why it is the top choice for female tennis players since it looks fashionable and remains durable even during those rigorous movements during a match!

Finally, if you were unsure about buying a tennis bracelet then hopefully this quick guide has convinced you to look for one. Maybe you can wear it to work daily to impress your co-workers!

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